About IPMe

Work with us as we revolutionize the technology market with our new and improved IP management tools.

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Alert System

IP Geolocation

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Our Story

IPme started with the goal of helping internet users accurately and quickly track changes of their IP address and to have a permanent log of when those changes ocurred. We took it much further than that though, we built ongoing internet stability monitoring, packet loss monitoring as well as SMS alerts of downtime into the software. On top of that, we offer a more comprehensive version of netstat than we've been able to find anywhere else, a better Ping suite, a better Traceroute, Domain and IP WHOIS capability, along with a Port Scanner and a Website Traffic information Lookup. We believe this is the most comprehensive Windows Internet Tool Suite ever built! We are just launching and would like everyone to be able to try the software for free. We hope you enjoy it free while it lasts because it was very expensive to build and we cannot keep it free forever.


The 25+ features we offer gives you full access to the best IP tracing software out there. Don’t let other services fool you with their tracking management.

IP Geolocation

Geolocate any IP address with the most accurate and up-to-date database

IP Logging

Log of all your previous IP addresses with their dates and durations

Packet Loss Alerts

Alerts for changes in stablity of your internet as well as packet loss

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 Unparalleled Monitoring of your IP address and internet connection with option for SMS if your computer goes offline

WHOIS Queries

Do a WHOIS query of any IP address with the correct geographical registrar automatically determined for you (RIPE, ARIN, AFRINIC, LACNIC, APNIC)

Domain WHOIS

Do a WHOIS query of any domain name to see the owner of the domain along with all other registration details


Our Netstat feature is the fastest and most reliable on the market to track all the IP addresses you're connected to while at the same time geolocating those IP addresses and telling you which program is making each outgoing connection.

Fastest Traceroute

Out Traceroute is the fastest second to none with a built-in map feature to show you the likely path your data is taking geographically going from you to any computer on the internet

Fast & Accurate Pinging

Our Ping feature is the fastest most accurate on the market and and automaticaly displays helpful graphical analysis of the results

Web Traffic

Our Web traffic feature allows you to check various general and specific traffic-related queries for any website on the internet.

Port Scanning

Our Port Scan feature allows you to check whether an IP address has any ports open that may allow hackers to penetrate.